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Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - IML News - All around St. Francios County communities and Cities have been cancelling their Christmas programs and festivities because of the snow.... But that is NOT THE CASE for the "Visit With Santa" scheduled for tomorrow night, December 12th, at Iron Mountain Lake City Hall from 5pm till 8pm.... Santa and his jolly Iron Mountain Lake Park Board Helpers will be hosting a party for ALL of the girls and boys of IML.... There will be snacks, candy, activities and of course Santa Claus.... Make plans to attend.... Fun for the whole family!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 – IML News – The worst snow storm in years hit St. Francois County, which included Iron Mountain Lake. In less than 24 hours freezing rain, sleet and snow slammed the area with a total of nearly 12 inches officially blanketing the Lake area. Conditions were treacherous and extremely dangerous. Just within our community many cars had either slid of the road or became stuck in the high snow because of the icy pavement. Thanks to good Samaritans, our Police Department Personnel and our City Maintenance Worker vehicles of all types were rescued by pushing, pulling and digging, but eventually sending motorists once again on their way.
Attempts were made all evening on Friday and into the early morning hours on Saturday by the IML Maintenance Department to clear the streets, but the snow was impressive, very hazardous and our backhoe, which at the moment is our only real source for snow removal, succumbed to the storm, like many snow removal vehicles in our County, and wound up stranded along side of the road on West Lakeshore. It is of the opinion that between the narrow snow covered road and the make shift plow on the front of the front loader the front became overly weighted with snow pack and the combination of all of the added weight simply tipped over the edge and forced the backhoe off the street and down an embankment. No injuries were sustained, but it was a very scary moment according to Shaun Kunz, IML City Worker. Attempts were made to get the backhoe up to the street, but it became clear that due to the ice, snow, weight of the vehicle and incline, that special assistance would most likely be needed. And of course, due to the weather, help would be delayed but would get here as soon as possible. This wound up being Monday. Since then, both City Maintenance Workers have been doing all they can to clear away the snow, spread sand and let the sun melt off the rest. The hill on Parkway is another matter all together. It, as of today, was still very treacherous and ice packed. But due to a phone call from our City Clerk, Lanette Kunz, to the County, the County had agreed to help us in this emergency and offered assistance to plow and treat the hill with salt and fine gravel. But Wendell Jarvis, with County Road Maintenance, said for us not to expect miracles and that it would take some time for the salt and gravel to do its work. So you are being asked to use extreme caution when traveling Parkway, or for that matter any of the streets within IML.
As a side note, there have been stories told that the City has recently purchased snow removal equipment, but has made no attempt nor does it have any intentions of making any use of it. This is not the case. In a statement from Lanette Kunz, IML City Clerk, today on Facebook she wrote, “Sadly, the hydraulic fittings to complete the hookup of the snow plow to the dump truck are not in yet. They had to be special ordered. Jim Williams (his shop just outside of IML) is doing a great job with the retrofitting of all of this equipment - adapting the brackets and braces and cylinders (from our Craigslist purchase) with the donated new snow blades (given to us by Caledonia) and the salt/sand spreader (our Craigslist purchase). Trying to fit anything new to the old truck is a challenge- but we believe Jim is up to it. I spoke with him yesterday and he said to call him and holler at him for a while-(If anyone has any complaints)“ Mr. Williams has had our equipment since early October and is doing his best to retrofit the equipment to the City’s dinosaur of a dump truck and is still waiting on hydraulic parts. But in the meantime Shaun, our City Maintenance Worker, has been chaining a plow to the front of the backhoe in order to “push” the snow from the streets and doing the best he can under the make shift circumstances.
The City and its workers truly understand your frustrations and concerns, for they live here too, and are working to resolve these issues expediently. They want to thank the residents of Iron Mountain Lake for your patience and cooperation during this trying time of a historic nature.

Wednesday, November 20. 2013 - IML News - The Holiday season is upon us and the IML Parks Department is once again busy collecting donations of food, personal care items, winter clothing, toys, artificial Christmas trees and holiday decorations for the Iron Mountain Lake Children's Christmas Fund.
In 2012 the IML Children’s Christmas Fund brightened the holiday season for many children, all of which was made possible by the generous donations of our neighbors, friends and local businesses.
But here once again they are starting from scratch, with the goal, and the hope, of being able to bring a little Christmas joy to even more children of less fortunate families who live within the community of Iron Mountain Lake. And once again they are in need of your help to make our community’s children’s dreams come true.
One very fond memory always comes to mind for us here at IML News. We will always remember the child who leapt for joy, and then cried, as a little Christmas tree was delivered to their home. Tears of joy streamed down their face as they jumped up and down, yelling, I prayed for a tree, I prayed for a tree! Oh thank you, thank you! I prayed for a Christmas tree!" It was monumentally memorable, permanently etched into our mind, but more importantly our heart. And Without the generosity of the Iron Mountain Lake resident donor, that wonderful moment never would have happened.
No gift or donation can be too small or too large. It will all come together to make a holiday season bright and hopeful for some little boy or girl. Your monetary, non-perishable food, personal care items, Christmas tree and decorations, unwrapped new clothing and toy donations can be dropped off at IML City Hall, Monday through Thursday, 8am through 4:00pm till Thursday, December 12, 2013. For more information or to make arrangements to pick up the items call Debbie Lincoln at 573-631-4308 or City Hall at 573-734-2042.
The Parks Department also wishes to extend their warmest invitation to anyone within our community who is facing financial hardship and may not be able to afford gifts for their children this Christmas to please come to City Hall, during regular business hours, and fill out a brief, and confidential, application form. Also, if you are aware of anyone who has fallen on hard times, and they are a resident of Iron Mountain Lake, please drop by City Hall to submit their names, confidentially. They are accepting applications for children between the ages of 0 thru age 18. The deadline to submit applications for this season is December 1st, 2013.
Thank you, and may your days be merry and bright….
More info on this event can be found here.... IML News Facebook page​
And for more information and get up to the minute IML News visit our Facebook page​

​VETERANS AND BELL RINGERS WANTED: Join us at City Hall on November 11, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. to RING A BELL in honor of all of the veterans. Cities all across Missouri have accepted a resolution to be part of this activity. Bring a bell and join us at 11:00. I'll put the coffee on!! ~Lanette Kunz, City Clerk

​Saturday, November 9, 2013 - IML News - The IML Parks Department will be having a BAKE SALE TODAY, November 9th, 2013 on the D&B C-Store parking lot from 7am till ????, TILL all their baked goods are sold. The proceeds will benefit the Iron Mountain Lake Children's Christmas Fund which will provide toys, warm clothing and food to children of families which are struggling this holiday season. They will be selling baked goods to purchase these items... But they are also accepting donations to make sure that no child goes without this Christmas. They asked folks in the community to possibly bake cakes, pies and cookies for the sale. If you did, may drop off your items and donations at the Bake Sale today or contact Debbie Lincoln at 573-631-4308 to have your baked items or donations picked up.
Christmas Fund donations can be dropped off at City Hall, Monday-Thursday from 8am till 4pm.
Applications for recipient children are now being accepted. Applications can be obtained at City Hall during regular business hours....
IML is a great place to live, where its residents are big hearted and have always taken care of its own....And we are confident that once again you will step up and come through to make our less fortunate children's Christmas dreams come true...

Friday, November 1, 2013 - IML News - ​ Though there was rain, there was a nice turnout for the very first Iron Mountain Lake Halloween Trunk or Treat that was sponsored by the Iron Mountain Lake Parks Department. Lots of fun and candy for all our IML Trick or Treaters.... The Park Board wishes to thank everyone attended.
​Check out the photos on the IML News Facebook Page.

Thursday, October 31, 2013 – IML News –The Second Annual Witch Hazel’s Spooktacular, sponsored by and the Iron Mountain Lake Parks Department, was held on Friday, October 25, 2013 from 7-9pm. Though it was very cold, guests of all ages were greeted by Zombies and a Haunted Hayride as they entered the event grounds. The much improved spooky Hayride was conducted by Spooktacular’s very own Zombie Mayor, Brian Goodman (aka Mayor Goodman of Iron Mountain Lake).
The TOTs (Trick or Treaters) found lots of treats and surprises while on their visit at the Spooktacular. Witch Hazel and the Mad Professor Who had many new creepy surprises. Witch Hazel once again handed out candy and a GRAND coupon to all the children who visited with her in her Haunted Cottage. The GRAND coupon they received entitled each child 3 FREE game plays for prizes, a FREE hotdog, chips, a refreshing soft drink, a home-made cupcake and lots yummy candy, all being served by Witch Hazel’s “Zombie” IML Park Board “Minions”. The games, which were over-seen by the “Zombies” and “Minions”, were very busy this year. The children lined up and played the games and won plenty of tickets that they could cash in for wickedly cool prizes, because It was Witch Hazel’s wish that every child left the Spooktacular with lots and lots of prizes and goodies.
Zombies roamed the grounds where there was a spooky graveyard, a hangman’s platform with the Grim Reaper and Dead Again Fred, bats, a spider lair, skeletons, ghosts, creepy creatures, the Mad Professor Who’s Lab, Witch Hazel’s Haunted Cottage and a brand new ELECTRIC CHAIR, a HAUNTED ZOMBIE HAYRIDE and an honored special guest, Dianne Daniels, an extraordinary teller of REAL Ghost Stories, very, very scary. (Thank you very much Dianne!) Yes, indeed, there was plenty of “spooky things” to see and do. And be assured that Witch Hazel has promised to return again next year and will bring more of her “Minions” and some brand new scary and spooky surprises.
There was also a FREE Costume Contest, sponsored by The contestants filled out an entry form and then had their photo taken, FREE of charge. The winners were then chosen by an independent panel of judges from across the country. The winners received gift certificates from Wal-Mart. The winners are:
Tiny TOTs (ages 0-7) Division: Winner -Gunner Skiles-Williams of Iron Mountain Lake received a $10.00 gift certificate to Wal-mart presented by IML News.
Youth (ages 8-16) Division: Winner - Arisa Goodman of Iron Mountain Lake received a $20.00 gift certificate to Wal-mart presented by IML News .
Each contestant was chosen for their original hand-made costumes.
Witch Hazel wants to thanks all of her special contributors. We could not have done this without you. Your generous contributions helped to make this event a huge success. THANK YOU!
The D and B C-Store
The Wedge
Save-A-Lot of Ironton
McDonalds of Ironton
Town and Country of Ironton
Mike’s Market of Bismarck
Many thanks to IML Police Chief Tim Hanson and our Iron Mountain Lake Police Department. They patrolled, controlled traffic in the area, and participated in the Haunted Hayride. Thank you!
And last, but not least, a very special thanks to all of the many individuals who either volunteered time and/or provided candy, prizes and treats for the children of Iron Mountain Lake. Witch Hazel wants you to know that you provided for an unforgettable memory of our community and something that the children of this wonderful community will remember for a lifetime. Bless you and thank you!
And now the planning for next year begins…..Mark your calendars…. Witch Hazel and her Spooktacular will return on Friday, October 24, 2014….
Check out the photos on the Witch Hazel's Spooktacular Facebook Page.
​​Sunday, October 26, 2013 - IML News - The Iron Mountain Lake Parks Department is sponsoring a Halloween Trunk or Treat event in the Park on the west side of the Lake on October 31st from 5:30 till 8pm. They are inviting the residents of Iron Mountain Lake and their families to come and set up in the park with their vehicles beginning at 5pm then hand out their Halloween offerings to the children of IML beginning at 5:30pm. Residents are encouraged to come and set up the trunks of their cars with Halloween decorations, dress up in costumes, if you like, and then hand out your Halloween Treats from 5:30 till approximately 8:00pm to the children of IML.
Come and join in on the fun and take part in a new IML Holiday Tradition.

Saturday, September 14, 2013 - IML News - The IML Parks Department is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring a CITY STREET DANCE to be held on the west side of the Lake in the Park on Saturday, October 12th, 2013 from 1pm till 8pm, There will be music, food, dancing, vendors, ending with a FREE movie in the park at 9pm. The Park Board will provide a CHILI BOOTH selling "ALL THINGS CHILI". Chili dogs, chili nachos, chili frito pies....Chili served anyway you like it. There will also be vendor spaces available for $5 (for a 10 x 10 area). So you are invited to come and sell your crafts, flea market items, wares, yard sale items, baked good, jams, jellies and etc. But there will be no other food or drink vendors allowed. For more information contact Debbie Lincoln at 573-631-4308.
EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE is INVITED TO ATTEND.... This is a non-alcoholic FAMILY EVENT.... Bring your own lawn chairs....
Mark your calendars and join us for a fun filled day at the IML City Park!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - IML News - FISH DAY, Friday, September 13, 2013, 10am - In an unprecedented effort, Alderman Roger Stodgell of Ward 2, with the help of Lanette Kunz, IML City Clerk, in an unofficial effort on behalf of all of the people of this City, collected $1005.00 from the fine citizens of this community over a short period of approximately two weeks to purchase some 170+ Asian Grass Carp, which are intended as a natural remedy to deal with the ever increasing blight of moss that has taken over our Lake. The Carp were purchased at a cost of $5.75 each at Shy's Feed Store on Tuesday, and will be delivered this Friday, September 13, 2013 at 10am. Roger Stodgell invites everyone to this much anticipated event. EVERYONE IS WELCOME....
As a special note, it is being requested that any and all Grass Carp that are caught or snagged be released back into the Lake so that they may do the work that they were purchased to do. The Carp are sterile and will not reproduce, so each Carp will be of great value in order for this project to work as intended. There is a ratio of Carp vs acre of water in the Lake that must be achieved in order for there to be proper balance to maintain a Lake that is more versatile for everyone to enjoy. It will take some time, more finances and more Carp to achieve this goal. So keeping the Grass Carp healthy and in the Lake is the first objective.
Thank you! And see you at the Fish Release.....

UPDATED: *Saturday, September 14, 2013
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - IML News - Via Lanette Kunz, Iron Mountain Lake City Clerk - The Department of Natural Resources is sponsoring a County wide TIRE CLEAN UP EVENT. And in cooperation with this event IML will be providing a drop off area for any unwanted tires from within our community. Please bring your old tires to "the pile" that is being built next to City Hall. And then according to our County Commissioner, Patrick Mullins, they will be then be collected and taken to the transfer station. Our "pile" will need at least 50 or more tires before the Department of Natural Resources will arrange for a pick up. This is a wonderful opportunity to rid your property of your unwanted and hard to dispose of tires, so you are urged to bring your old tires to add the amount needed to make this a successful event. Shaun, our IML City Maintenance Worker, will be helping to gathering for "the pile" this week and next week, so if you know of an abandoned lot, or spot, that people have dumped old tires- please call City Hall (573-734-2042) and they will make arrangements to collect them.
*The goal is to have the 50 that are required by the 18th of September, this is the cut-off date for the event. If you have any questions contact Lanette Kunz, IML City Clerk at 573-734-2042.

Friday, August 16, 2013 – IML News – At approximately 4:50pm a fire was reported on Springfield here at Iron Mountain Lake. The owner of the single family log cabin style home called 911 and reported the fire. The home owners had reported that they had only left the home for approximately 5 or 10 minutes, only to arrive back to their home to find smoke bellowing from the eaves of the house.
The first of the fire departments to arrive was Leadwood and the home was reportedly heavily filled with smoke and flames. And as the other departments arrived, the forward interior of the home was by then completely engulfed in flames. Bismarck Rural Fire Department was assisted by Leadwood, Farmington, Doe Run and Pilot Knob. The home was gutted by the fire and Bismarck Fire Chief, Steve Dickey, stated that he would consider the home to be a total loss. Sadly, the home owners reported that they are without insurance.
The Fire Marshal was called in to investigate and conferred in consultation with Iron Mountain Lake Police Chief Tim Hansen. And according to IML Police Chief Hansen the fire was not ruled to be suspicious in nature. “We have no fire bugs”, he assuredly responded.
Photos can be viewed on the Iron Mountain Lake News Facebook Page.

FYI - Friday, August 16, 2013 - IML News - Tomorrow, Saturday, August 17, 2013, there will be a fish fry held here at IML in the Park on the west side of the Lake. The sale of the fried fish and fixings will be for the benefit of the Henson family to help cover the funeral expenses of a long time IML resident, Wanda Henson, who passed away recently. Wanda Henson was the wife of the two time Mayor of IML, Eugene Henson. There will be fried fish platters sold which will include hushpuppies and the sides for only $6.00. This will be an all day event which will also include live music from Dan Bullock and the Deputies.
Please go to Facebook and "share" this post and make plans to attend....
​Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - IML News - There was a Photo of the Groundbreaking, which was held on Saturday, July 20th, 2013, for the new IML Animal Pound posted in the Daily Journal which appeared on Friday, July 26th, 2013..... There was no article, only a photo with caption....READ MORE....

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - IML News - It has come to our attention that the wrong date for the Work Shop for the IML Animal Pound was printed in an article posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013. IML News apologizes for this error on our part and is sorry for any inconvenience .
The Work Shop is to be held on Tuesday, July 30th at 6pm, at City Hall, prior to the Public Hearing pertaining to the Grant being applied for the IML Sewer Treatment System which will begin promptly at 7pm. If need be, the IML Animal Pound Work Shop will resume directly proceeding the Public Hearing.
The Mayor and Aldermen are requesting and encouraging EVERYONE to attend the Animal Pound Work Shop and are asking for your contributions, by any means, whether by means of volunteer labor, advisement, monitary gifts or donations, to make this project a success.
Thank you!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - IML News - The Parks Department is at it again. They are pleased to announce that there will be several events that will be taking place over the next few weeks.
KARAOKE UNDER THE STARS - Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 7pm till ???? in the Park on the west side of the Lake.
For more info CLICK HERE....
BAKE SALE - Saturday, July 27th, 2013 (Rain date on Sunday July 28th.), beginning at 7am at the D and B C-Store on the parking lot. The sale of the bake goods will be going towards basic school supplies for children of low income families.
For more info CLICK HERE.....
MOVIE IN THE PARK - Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 to begin at DUSK on the west side of the lake in thr Park. They will be showing "Despicable Me" followed by "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"
For more info CLICK HERE....
THE DAM FALL FESTIVAL - Correction: Saturday, October 12th, 2013, this will be an ALL DAY event. Games, Food, Crafts, Music, Amusements, and informational booth about the history of the Iron Mountain Lake earthen dam, which is the oldest dam west of the Mississippi.
This information on the Festival is subject to change. More info to follow....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - IML News - On Saturday, July 20th, 2013, there was a groundbreaking ceremony held on City property next to the IML Sewer Treatment Plant. There was a crowd of approximately twenty-five supportive people who attended. Some of which have been longtime residents and there was also some brand new residents to our community. Everyone was there to express their support and happiness as the great new venture was about to commence. The ceremony was brief, but a very joyous one, as Mayor Brian Goodman turned some soil with a golden ceremonial shovel. He was joined by four others, Alderman Dustin Steinc of Ward 3, IML Police Chief Tim Hansen, Alderman Roger Stodgell of Ward 2 and Alderwomen Brenda Goodman of Ward 2, each smiling broadly while turning a bit of soil.
Joining in the celebration was Don MacPherson and Allen Grafton who paraded down the street to the grounds on four-wheelers which bore American Flags and a large stuffed bulldog named Spike. It was an awesome sight to behold and added just the right touch to the festivities.
The history for this project has been in the works for some time, through several different IML City Administrations. But due to some recent events it had become very apparent and imperative that a City Animal Pound was urgently needed. This applied a great amount of pressure on the current Mayor and City Council Aldermen, who are dually sworn to protect its citizen’s safety and wellbeing. So they pressed, pinched the budget and sought out every avenue to make this day possible. To date, much of the ground work has been researched and compiled by our IML City Clerk, Lanette Kunz, and Ward 2 Alderwomen, Brenda Goodman, to whom thanks should sincerely be given.
There will be a Planning Workshop held in regards to the Animal Pound on (correction) Tuesday, July, 30th, 2013 at 6pm at City Hall, prior to the Public Hearing in regards to the Grant for the IML Sewer Treatment Plant. The Mayor and Aldermen are requesting and encouraging EVERYONE to attend and contribute, by any means possible, to make this project a success, as this will be an all volunteer project.
Admittedly, there have been some bumps in the road prior to the groundbreaking; the proposed placement of the pound was a major hurdle. But it was finally discussed and voted upon, after much research, and it was decided that the best option for the City would be to place it near the Sewer Treatment Plant, for many reasons. But once it was decided there were immediately some misinformed rumors passed within the community that the pound would be illegally built in a flood plain. And due to this misinformation, it caused many of the well qualified volunteers, who willingly offered to help, to withdraw their time and expertise towards this very important and much needed project. But the mystery of where the flood plain IS and ISN'T has been soundly confirmed by the proper authorities, FEMA, who is over ALL flood plain management. And according to FEMA the intended placement on the property is NOT considered a risk and will not require any special permits or special building amendments. One of the other misconceptions being rumored is about the placement of the pound and the distance to any possible homes or businesses. Since this particular animal pound is a City pound and is merely a temporary holding area for impounded animals, the pound will be completely enclosed, and therefore it does not have to comply with the same measures as open air enclosures, such as a shelter where animals may be held indefinitely. All of this information has been gathered by City Hall from the Department of Agriculture, other Humane Agencies and FEMA and can be referenced at City Hall during normal business hours. The City hopes that this information clears up any misconceptions and that we can once again move forward with the support and help of its great and aptly skilled community.
Having said all of this, they, your Mayor and City Council, are sincerely hopefully that the wonderful residents of this community will come out in force and volunteer to help, by any means possible, and make this animal pound a reality.
See you at the planning meeting on Tuesday, July 30at 6pm at City Hall!
Click HERE for photos of IML Animal Pound Groundbreaking ​

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 – IML News – Good news! This Saturday, July 20, 2013 at 9am, rain or shine, there will be a ground breaking ceremony for the new City Dog Pound. The ceremony will be held at the IML Sewer Treatment Plant on East Lakeshore. This project has been in the works for some time, through several different IML City administrations. But due to some recent events it had become very apparent and imperative that a City Dog Pound is urgently needed. As the City has the safety of all of its residents in mind it will continue to do all that is necessary to make this community a wonderful place to live and enjoy. So come and participate in this wonderful event. Mayor Goodman and the City Council of IML Aldermen wishes to invite EVERYONE to attend! You are also being invited to bring your own shovel and help with the ground breaking ceremony.
Additionally, the City is looking for volunteers to work on this project. If you can spare some time and would like to help please contact City Hall and be added to the list of volunteers for this much needed City improvement project. Call City Hall and speak with our City Clerk, Lanette Kunz, at 573-734-2042 and she will add you to the volunteer list and/or put you in contact with the project manager. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - IML News - In a comment from City Hall posted on our Facebook page on Monday, July 15, 2013 - You are being reminded that if you are a property owner here at Iron Mountain Lake you must maintain your property and keep your grass cut to a reasonable height as per the IML City Ordinances. Recently it has been observed and brought to the attention of City Hall that there are quite a few properties with some very high grass and unsecured buildings. Properties in this condition are considered to be a hazard and a blemish upon our community. The owners of these properties, if not attended to, will be issued an Ordinance Violation Citiation which could result in substantial penalties and fines.
In the spirit of fairness to your neighbors, and the community, you are being asked to maintain your property so that our City will be a more safe and pleasant environment to live within and enjoy. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 – IML News - PUBLIC HEARING – There will be a Public Hearing held at Iron Mountain Lake City Hall, 591 North Lakeshore Dr., on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 at 7 p.m.. The hearing will be regarding the application for the Sewer and Wastewater Treatment CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Grant. Margaret Yates from Southeast Regional Planning will be in attendance to answer any questions. The IML Public is being encouraged to attend. Thank you!

Thursday, July 11, 2013 - IML News - Via a post on the Iron Mountain Lake News Facebook Page, from Iron Mountain Lake City Clerk, Lanette Kunz, posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 regarding the Sewer Grant: We are one step closer....a public hearing will be scheduled the last week of July (with plenty of notice in the Daily Journal, as well as our own Iron Mountain Lake News page)...we have been given permission to apply for the emergency grant and per Tim Robbs, the engineer with Taylor Engineering who is handling the upgrading of our sewer system to be in compliance with all state and federal laws. Mr. Robbs said, "We are more than likely going to get the money- BUT it's a long process still." Southeast Regional Planning is involved in the process of completing the applications....
IML News will keep up up to date on any further news regarding the progress of our Sewer situation.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - DailyJournalOnline - Residents in Iron Mountain Lake gathered Saturday to enjoy the holiday festivities hosted by the Iron Mountain Lake Parks Department.
The festivities kicked off Saturday morning with a parade, which is normally just around the lake. This year they took the parade all around the Iron Mountain Lake community so everyone could see it and enjoy the floats....READ MORE
Find lots of fun photos and videos of the event on the Iron Mountain Lake News Facebook Page.​

Sunday, June 30, 2013 - IML News - Just a reminder that the Iron Mountain Lake Great Independence Day Celebration will be held this Saturday, July 6, 2013, beginning at 8am with staging at the jetty for the Parade followed by the Grand Parade around the Lake at 9am!
This should be a GREAT DAY of celebration, excitement, entertainment and just old fashion Hometown FUN!
Here is the line up so far....
~Parade around the Lake begins at 9am - EVERYONE is invited to participate. Decorate your car, truck, ATV, bike, wagon.... Or walk the route in a great clown or Independance Day costume.
~Pups on Parade - Dress up your Pups and walk them in the Parade. A winner will be chosen for the best dressed/costumed Pup and a prize, to be determined, will be awarded to the that best dressed Independance Day Pup.
~Some old fashion Games where you can win some great prizes
~Face Painting
~Raffles and 50/50 Drawings
~The Parks Department will be offering BBQ Pork Steaks, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Potato Salad, Slaw, Baked Beans, Chips, Snacks and Soft Drinks. All to be sold individually or in delicious plate lunches at very reasonable hometown prices.
~Karaoke Contests, adult and children's divisions. Children's contest will be from Noon till 2pm. Adult's will contest from 5pm till ???? The time the adult division concludes will depend on the number of contestants and number of songs required to determine a winner. The winners, in both divisions, will be determined by a "penny per vote" system. Each contestant needs to bring a large coffee can or jar decorated and with their picture attached to the jar or can. The jar/can will be put on display by the Parks Department during the competition and people will be encouraged to vote for their favorite contestant by placing money into their favorite singer's container. The individual, one from each division, with the most money in their container by the end of their event will be determined to be the winner. A GRAND PRIZE, yet to be determined, will be given for the children's division. And the winner of the Adult division will win half of the Adult's monies collected, a true 50/50. The proceeds from the remainder of donations will benefit the IML Children's Christmas Fund, and go towards more Park improvements, fun events and activities for the community.
~Booth spaces are available. Come and sell your craft or retail items. It is only $5.00 for a 10x10 space. (No electric or tables provided) Plenty of spaces available, so rent as much space as you need. First come, first served. The earlier you apply, the closer you will be to the main events. The IML Parks Department will have the only food, drinks and snacks booth for this event. Thank you.
​For more information or to reserve your booth space contact Debbie Lincoln at 573-631-4308.
Also see our Calendar and Events Page....​ Follow us on FACEBOOK....

Sunday, June 30th, 2013 - IML News - Though there was some challenges, the first ever MOVIE NIGHT in the Park came off without a hitch. Rain had threatened to cancel the event for the second time in two weeks. But the clouds departed just in time for SHOWTIME. A crowd of 40+ people, adults, children and entire families, came out to enjoy the movie. They came, prepared, with lawn chairs, blankets, flashlights (which are a good idea) and their favorite movie watching snacks and enjoyed the simple pleasures of sitting in the dark, under the stars, with their favorite family member(s) and friends for some old fashion home town fun. The IML Parks Department, who sponsored the event, also added to the whole movie experience by providing some freshly made old fashion popcorn and some delicious lemonade for everyone to enjoy.
There was no admission charged to enjoy the movie nor any cost asked for the yummy popcorn and lemonade that were provided for the evening's festivities. But in the true spirit of our wonderful community, generosity flowed, and the Parks Department wants to sincerely thank everyone for their gracious donations, which will go towards the IML Children's Christmas Fund.
The Parks Department wanted to express how very pleased they were to provide for this wonderful experience, and hopefully there will be many other movie nights at the Park in the future. They also wish to say a word of thanks to all of the volunteers who came out for the evening and also some extra special thanks to Chief Hansen, the IML Police Department and all of the other awesome volunteers who built, painted and installed the movie screen, and also for their kindness in providing the use of a projector and sound system for the event. Many thanks to everyone who helped, THANK YOU!
Just an added reminder that THE GREAT INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION is scheduled for this coming Saturday, July 6th, 2013 beginning at 9am with a Parade around the Lake,,,, EVERYONE IS WELCOME.... See you there....
For more details CLICK HERE

Saturday, June 29, 2013 - IML News - From all reports everyone a great time last evening under the stars at the "Karaoke In The Park" open mic night which was sponsored by the Iron Mountain Lake Parks Department and our very own Police Chief, and DJ for the night, Tim Hansen.
The turn out was really very nice and enthusiastic for this first, of hopefully many, Karaoke events here at the Lake. There were people of all ages, young and old, who sang there hearts out and enjoyed a night of laughter and singing entertainment. It was a very pleasant surprise to many of the guests that "Iron Mountain Lake's Got Talent". There were several residents that had truly great voices, and to everyones amazement Police Chief Hansen was said to have a very wonderful singing voice as well. And that was not all, there was also a time or two when some line dancing broke out. Lots of fun, food, music, dancing and singing entertainment for everyone.The report is that they sang the night away and finally had to decided to call it a night at midnight. But despite the lateness of the evening, there were many who still did not want it to end.
The most important thing about what happened last evening was that the folks in our community got a chance to get aquainted and spend time having fun with their neighbors, and friends. And that always makes for a truly wonderful time, and an awesome community! Good times....Yes, GOOD TIMES....
And just a reminder, weather permitting, there will be MOVIE NIGHT in the Park here at Iron Mountain Lake this evening, June 29th, 2013 at 9pm.... It will be on the west side of the Lake in the Park.... See you there....

Monday, June 24, 2013 - IML News - The new building inspector, Marilyn Rawson of Mineral Area Building Inspection Services, completed three inspections this morning for the City of Iron Mountain Lake. Reportedly, all three buildings were condemned due to their condition and the inaction of the property owners after proper written notification of the City's ordinances and of the specified ordinance violations.
The procedure is as follows: Property owners are first given a friendly written "30 Day Notice" informing them that their property needs to have some attention paid to it. The notice is mailed to the address that is either on file with the City, usually from a City sewer bill, or from information obtained from the County Assessor's office. If after the 30 days it has been noted that no attempts have been made to rectify the situation, as notified, then the City's building inspector is contacted and asked to perform a formal inspection in accordance to the the City of Iron Mountain Lake's Ordinances and Building Codes. Once the inspection has been completed the inspector then informs the City of their findings and then another 30 days notice is issued with the order to repair or demolish (if said structure is condemned) the noted property. Once that 30 day period has elapsed, and nothing has been done, fines will be issued and will accumulate at a rate of $100 per day, per City Ordinance 6 Section 4.3.
We have been assured that the main focus right now is on the abandoned and burnt out buildings that are unsafe and extremely dangerous. Also assurances are being made that there will be more notices sent out in the very near future. These are necessary actions, actions that are strictly being implemented towards insuring this City's residents, and its taxpayers, of a more desirable and safer community to live and also invest in.
For more information contact Iron Mountain Lake City Hall at 573-734-2042.
Friday, June 21, 2013 - IML News - There will NOT be a City Council Meeting on Monday, June 24th, 2013 due to fact that there is nothing pressing that would be on the agenda for that evening. The next regularly scheduled City Council Meeting will be on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.
Friday, June 21, 2013 - IML News - The Ladies Auxiliary is having a FREE SALE. Nearly all of the items they have available for rummage is will be FREE. There is shoes, purses, household items, books, tapes, toys..... Plus there is a large selection of very nice men's, women's and children's clothing and everything is FREE, with the exception of a couple of items,. The ladies will have their delicious apple butter for sale, at its usual price, and they will also be selling raffle tickets towards a beautiful handmade quilt. The FREE SALE will continue through this Tuesday and Wednesday, June 25 and 26, from 8am - 2pm at the Ladies Auxilliary Building, 591 N. Lakeshore, Iron Mountain Lake, Missouri. There is something for everyone and EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Sunday, June 16, 2013 - IML News - There was a nice turn out for the inaugural outting of the Iron Mountain Lake children's fishing derby, sponsored by the IML Parks Department, this past Saturday afternoon. With approximately 20 childern participating, it was happily declared a wonderful success by everyone involved. It was a beautiful, nearly perfect, day to be outdoors enjoying nature around and about the Lake. And for several of the young contestants it was their very first fishing experience. And for those angling newbies, there were nothing but Blue Gills and giggles that could be heard all around the Lake.
In the 4-8 age group Caden Steinc was declared the winner in both catagories for the most fish caught and also the largest fish caught. And in the 9-14 age group Justin Lopes swept the catagories by catching the most fish and also the largest fish for the day. Walmart gift cards were awarded. A $5.00 gift card was awarded for the most fish caught in each division and a $15.00 gift card was awarded for thr largest fish caught in each division.
There was also a special drawing in each division that had all the names of each child who participated in the event. In the 4-8 age group Jonathon Harrington's name was drawn, and in the 9-14 age group Brittany Keith's name was drawn. Each winner took home a brand new fishing rod and tackle box.
Debra Lincoln, IML Park Board President, and the Iron Mountain Lake Park Board wants to thank all the kids and their parents who turned out for the IML "Fishos for Kiddos" Fishing Derby.
Check out the photo album of 2013 "Fishos for Kiddos" on our Facebook page - HERE​

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - IML News - Just a reminder that there is a City wide event this Saturday, June 8, 2013. It is the annual IML YARD SALE being held in conjunction with the annual yard sale event on King School Road.
The event is being sponsored by the Iron Mountain Lake Parks Department. The Parks Department will once again be allowing people to set up with their yard sale items on the west side of the park for the small fee of only $5.00. People outside of IML are also welcome to set up with their items in the park. The proceeds collected will go towards improvements for the park. Additionally, people are also encouraged to set up a sale at their own homes. Normally there is a permit required, that is obtained at City Hall, to hold a yard sale at IML. But permits are being waved for this special event.
The event will be ALL DAY this Saturday.... So come on out and either make some extra cash from those unwanted items, or spend some cash and find some treasures.

May 29, 2013 - DailyJournalOnline - A discussion regarding serious issues with the city’s sewer system was held at the May meeting of the Iron Mountain Lake Board of Aldermen held May 13 at city hall....READ MORE
A motion to require occupancy permits for all new move-ins effective May 14, 2013 was unanimously approved.....READ MORE

Monday, May 27, 2013 - IML News - The Iron Mountain Lake City Council will not be meeting for their regularly scheduled meeting tonight, Monday, May 27th, due to the Memorial Day observance. The next City Council Meeting will be on Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.. Thank you and have a safe Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - IML News - At the Monthly City Council Meeting held on Monday, May 13, 2013 at 7pm, the City Council unanimously approved and voted to accept a Code and Resolution for Occupancy Permits. It is now required, effective today, that anyone moving into any rental property, newly built home or newly purchased home you must now acquire an Occupancy Permit before moving into any property within the city limits of Iron Mountain Lake, Missouri.
If you are a property owner that rents homes within the City, or you are planning on purchasing a home here, or building a home here, you will need to go to the Iron Mountain Lake City Hall and apply for an application for an Occupancy Permit. The Iron Mountain Lake City Clerk will schedule an inspection from their independently acquired Building Inspector and you will be issued an Occupancy Permit upon successfully passing the code inspection. The cost of the application for the permit will be $40.00, payable to City of Iron Mountain Lake. Call 573-734-2042 for more information and/or to schedule an inspection. Thank you!
The new building codes are available for viewing at City Hall. Copies of the codes may be acquired for the usual processing fees. The codes are also available for viewing on-line here ....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - IML News - During the regular monthly City Council Meeting held on Monday, May 13, 2013 Mr. Shaun Kunz, IML maintenance worker, gave a sewer report. He reported that progress on fixing the leaking sewer system is being made. Line B is almost completed, in the pod, to pod, to pod inspection and repair/over-haul, and has now been running for over 24 hours. This is an accomplishment, since the line had not run continually since before December of 2012. They continue to ask for your patience, as the proceedures and maintenance takes time, and they wish to assure you that C line will be next, followed by A line.
There has been many issues that has arisen, but mainly it is leaks in the vaccum lines. And since the system is a vaccum based system, leaks in the lines reduces the vaccum and its ability to suck the waste from the lines. And when the lines do not evacuate as they should, the vaccum engines work too excessively and there is risk of burning up the engines. And to replace an engine is over $30,000 dollars. So for the most part, lines have had to be manually drained recently to avoid ruining the pumping engines. At this point we must also add that it is the opinion of DNR that possibly the prolonged drought that occured last year may have cause some of the lines to shift, whereby now allowing ground water to enter the system during the recent heavy rains and which is now also causing major vaccum leaks to occur. Ground water is an enemy of the system, since it, the system, is not designed to handle ground water, but only septic waste. Basicly, the system is designed to handle just so much septic waste, and the ground water overwhelms the system drasticly, and could possibly cause pumping overloads and malfunctions to occur.
The City is taking all measures possible to remedy the issues by calling in an engineer, the Department of Natural Resources and the manufacturer of the system, AIRVAC. Recently AIRVAC came and spent three days here and not only did they instruct and advise the City and our maintenance workers, but they also physically worked on some lines to give our workers hands-on instruction. The system is very techincal, with many valves, pumps, motors, filters, clamps and other system devices, plus there is the miles and miles of sewer "vaccum" lines, all of which needs routine and annual total system maintenance. And unless these items, along with a total system check is preformed on a yearly basis the system is prone to leaks and system failures. Unfortunately it has recently come to the attention to this administration that through the years many of the "little things" got lost in the transitions from maintenance worker to maintenance worker, and administration to administration. But currently our maintenance worker, Shaun, is studying the system and it's proper maintenance proceedures in order to be very effective. And he will also be traveling to AIRVACS main office for further training and certification in this operating system, just as soon as the recent issues are under control and are operating properly.
The Administration and our maintenance workers want to thank you for your patience and cooperation. And if any issues regarding you sewer arises, please feel free to contact the office at 573-734-2042. But keep in mind that our workers are on a mission to correct and repair "the system", but will get to your issues as quickly as humanly possible. Thank you!
For more information and updates visit our Facebook page.....

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - IML News - Just another reminder that there will be a special RECYCLING DAY at IML.... Most of the items being collected on Sunday, May 5th, 2013 are items that are normally not recycled with curbside recycling or can be taken to the recycling collection bins.... These items must be handled in a very special manner, so special recycling events must be held. And we are fortunate to have Mr. Scott Thieme coming to offer this wonderful opportunity. We encourage you to take advantage of this first of its kind event at IML. The event will be held rain or shine from 9am till 2pm at IML City Hall. Come and dispose of your large appliances and electronics and be Earth Friendy.... Thank you....

Friday, April 19, 2013 - IML News - A City Council workshop was held last night and was considered by all to be a success in fairness and cooperation for the betterment of our City and the safety of its residents. The Council believes that they managed to fine tune fair building and occupancy codes that correspond with our current City ordinances. The new codes should be presented in an upcoming City Council Meeting very soon to be voted upon and approved. The occupancy/building codes will apply to "new move-ins" of rental properties, rent to own properties and newly purchased homes/properties. An approved inspection and occupancy permit for the rental/home will need to be obtained from City Hall once the new codes are put into effect.

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - IML News - A WORKSHOP for the City Council and Mayor has been set for (today) THURSDAY, APRIL 18th at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. They will review building codes and decide which ones they would like to adapt to fit our needs. Public is welcome. ~ this was Posted on Facebook at 4/17/13 at 12:21 pm from City Hall by Lanette Kunz, City Clerk.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - IML News - Election Results

Ward 1
Robert E.Lincoln 7
Write In 1

Ward 1 Unexpired Term
Josh Skaggs 8
Write In 0

​Ward 2
Roger D. Stodgell 26
Write In 4

Ward 3
No one ran for the office

Bismarck R-5 School Board
Wendell Jarvis 183
Brad Brown 183
Matthew A. Jackson 96
Write In 54

​St. Francois County Clerks Office Election Report for April 2, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - IML News - The 9th Annual Edward's Egg Hunt was a huge success and was held this past Easter Sunday. The rain stopped, and the sun shone, making for a beautiful afternoon with lovely warm temperatures in the low 60's. Hundreds and hundreds of brightly colored Easter eggs dotted the grounds of the park beside the lake, and festive holiday decorations waved gently in the breeze. Excitement filled the air as nearly an estimated 100 Iron Mountain Lake children gathered to exibit their egg hunting skills. And thanks to Dan and Anita Edward's generosity, there was plenty of eggs for everyone to find. There were grand prize eggs, money eggs and candy filled eggs. All of the children had an enjoyable time and came away with plenty of eggs and prizes. And as an observer, I must say, the parents seemed to be having just as much fun as their children, as they were yelling from the sidelines, waving and gesturing to their kids as to where to look for the much desired eggs. There were four different age catagories this year, ranging from tiny tots to pre-teens, which made the hunt very fair for everyone involved.
Dan and Anita Edwards are long time residents of IML and have been holding their egg hunt for the past 9 years. And with each passing year the event has grown and grown. Not only in prizes, but also in the number of children who attend. Many thanks the Edwards, and their helpers, for their willingness and generosity. They are a constant help and blessing to our little community. Thank You!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - IML News -

​RECYCLE DAY - May 5, 2013 (Sunday) 9:00 - 2:00 p.m. - If it runs on electricity or batteries- they can use it. Don't burden our landfills- recycle! (Toasters, blenders, lawnmowers, computers, appliances, irons, remote controls, electronic toys, tv, refrigerator, toaster ovens, fax machines, answering machines, curling irons, as you can see the list can go on and on....). Come to city hall with your broken and worn out things and recycle them!! There is a fee for donating large old school computer monitors - $10 and old school HUGE tube type televisions $20 - and that is simply because they are charged for them. Everything else is free to dump and get rid of- spring cleaning and doing good for the earth all at the same time. The truck will be out front on May 5th just waiting for your donations. Think before you toss this month.....

​WORLD CHANGERS - June 17-22nd, 2013 - This is a group of teens that work together to help clean up and repair homes in the IML area. Applications can be obtained from EMAA (Cathy Pool) 573-5191 ext 1127. For more information contact Aaron Radford (573)518-3393.

​YOUTH FOR CHRIST - April 20th, 2013 - The youth for Christ will once again be in our area cleaning up yards for the elderly and disabled. The Ladies Auxiliary feeds these young people lunch- and donations are needed to help offset the cost. We need canned soda, individually wrapped snack-cakes and individual bags of chips. THANKS!

​Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - DailyJournalOnline - Domestic shooting at Iron Mountain Lake - An Iron Mountain Lake woman has been charged after a shooting Sunday. Marsha Ann Rulo, 33, has been charged with the Class B felony of first-degree assault and armed criminal action. Her bond was set at $125,000.
According to court records, Rulo’s daughter’s boyfriend told police that Rulo shot him in the right shoulder.... READ MORE

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