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Iron Mountain Lake is located in St. Francois County in the beautiful hills of southeast Missouri, Latitude: 37.69306 : Longitude: -90.6225 : Elevation: 1055 ft. Iron Mountain Lake is a city with a population of approximately 737 people and 295 full-time households. 

​​In the heart of the City lies historic Iron Mountain Lake. The Lake is fed by Middlebrook Creek.
​Construction of the Lake began in the summer of 1847. It was dug by hand with the help of mule and ox teams. The Dam is of earthen construction with rock fill. It is believed to be the oldest of its kind in Missouri. The Lake with its dam and spillway served as part of a hydraulic pumping system that was used in the early mining of iron ore from Iron Mountain.
​The Lake at its height is 16 feet. Its capacity is 599 acre feet. Normal water storage is 280 acre feet. It drains an area of 3775 square miles. Its normal surface area is 70 acres.

The Lake and its park grounds is a great place for recreational purposes and picnicing. Oh, and by the way, the Lake has excellent fishing, too. But let's keep that as our lil' secret! OK?

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Fishing Report

You must have a valid Missouri State Fishing Licence

Non-Residents must pay a
$3.00 Boat Ramp Usage Fee​​

NO WAKES on the
​Lake at any time

No motors over 10 hp