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04-15-2014 Mayor and Alderwomen Resign
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Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 - IML News - Yesterday during a regular Iron Mountain Lake City Council Meeting Mayor Brian Goodman and Alderwomen Brenda Goodman of Ward 2 officially resigned their positions, citing personal reasons and also recently purchasing a home outside of Iron Mountain Lake. Many people commented throughout the crowd about all of the fine work they did for the City and that they would be missed.
There was a packed house at City Hall when Dustin Steinc of Ward 3 and Joshua Skaggs of Ward 1 were sworn in for another term. None of the candidates were opposed during the recent election that was held on April 8th, 2014.
After the swearing in, the remaining Board, which now consists of Bob Lincoln and Joshua Skaggs of Ward 1, Roger Stodgell of Ward 2 and Dustin Steinc of Ward 3, voted for a new Board President and that the said Board President will also serve as Mayor Pro Tempore until another election is held, most likely the first Tuesday of April 2015. With a unanimous vote Dustin Steinc was voted in as Board President/Mayor Pro Tempore. There were mixed reactions from the audience, but generally the response was very positive.
A regular City meeting was then conducted by Mayor Pro Tem Dustin Steinc. Minutes from the previous meeting was reviewed, voted upon by the Board and accepted. The financial report was reviewed and accepted and the outstanding bills were also reviewed and voted upon to be paid.
Mrs. Debbie Lincoln, Park Board President, gave her report to the Board on what the Parks Department has planned. They have agreed to help with the Community "Rake the Lake" project that is being headed by resident Lanette Kunz that will be held on Saturday, May 24th, 2014 beginning at 9am. This will be a community event to rake the moss, weeds and debris from some of the bank fishing areas and the new swimming area. Later in the day there will be LIVE MUSIC, BBQ, GAMES and ACTIVITIES. The plan is to have a fun "old fashion" event!
Shaun Kunz then gave the Sewer, Road and Bridge Report. The sewers are running well. There is a leak on C line, but he believed that he knew the issue and it should be remedied soon.
Yes, the motor grader is stuck. Apparently while grading a spring was struck, the ground was very spongy and the graders wheels became buried. Assistance is being offered from Trap Rock to bring over some heavy equipment to pull the grader out. This is a shame, considering Mr. Kunz recently repaired the brakes, which had not worked in years.
During the Road and Bridge Report Mr. Kunz mentioned that in the not too distant future he would be doing the Spillway Bridge repairs. He intends to give sufficient notice so that everyone can make the appropriate changes in your routes and drive times around the Lake.
IML Police Chief Tim Hansen gave his report to the Board. A new improvement to note is that the Department has purchased a recorder. Officers will now record police calls and traffic stops in order to have a verbal record for all interactions. The Chief said that this protects the citizen, and the officer, so that discrepancies can quickly be resolved.
Other items of interest were Mrs. Mary Self gave a report on the Youth For Christ coming to IML this Saturday, April 19th. They will be helping the elderly and disabled in our community with yard work and light chores. The Ladies of the Auxiliary will be feeding the children lunch, so they are seeking donations of soda, water, prepackaged chips and snack cakes. Items can be dropped off at the Auxiliary or at City Hall.
Good News, the contract has been signed between the Bismarck Fire Protection Association and the City of Iron Mountain Lake. They will soon be taking the building down on the corner of St. Louis and Gallatin in preparation of building a Sub-Station for our area. We were told by BFPA that if there is anything in the building that we could use, please feel free to remove it. There was a discussion that perhaps some of the lumber within the building could be used towards the dog pound. If this is to be accomplished volunteers would be greatly appreciated. If you could volunteer please call City Hall at 573-734-2042.
Up for discussion was the idea that there be a boat ramp launch fee for non-residents. The idea would be to place a specially designed metal lock box near the ramp and non-residents would pay a fee of only $3.00 to use the ramp to launch and recover their boats. This money would then go towards any repairs to the ramp and to also replace the fish that are caught by the visiting fishermen. In the past the Conservation Department "stocked" the Lake. But their contribution of fish was becoming few and far between, plus they assumed no other responsibilities towards the Lake or its upkeep. In fact they discouraged cleaning the moss away or any other use of the Lake other than fishing. The Board had decided quite a few months ago that the Lake should belong the residents of this community and it should have other uses other than fishing, so the contract with the Conservation Department was not renewed. That lead to the recent fund raiser to purchase and release grass eating carp in the Lake and the desire to developing a new swim area.
Your input is being sought on the $3.00 per day boat ramp fee for non-residents. Please contact you Alderperson with your feelings about this idea. Thank you!
Audio of April 14th, 2013 IML City Council Meeting​

Photos of swearing in of Aldermen and the current Board of Aldermen on our Facebook Page.

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